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Clover and Birch Building Blocks

Clover and Birch

Clover and Birch building blocks are by far the most played with toy in our home. The various sizes, weights, shapes, and colors of our blocks makes for a unique sensory experience that just isn't found in other block sets. That's why we created our own! My daughters love them because they are multi-purposeful, allowing their imaginations to run free. I love them because I know that as they stack, balance, and build, they are growing their emotional, physical, and cognitive development as well.

We purchase our wood from a local, family owned business that specializes in domestic and international woods harvested from sustainable sources. Each block is solid wood and individually created. Once our blocks take shape they are meticulously sanded, first by machine and then again by hand. After they are smooth and free of sharp edges, each block is cleaned with citrus infused vinegar. Following the cleaning process, the blocks are allowed to air dry before being polished with organic coconut oil. Our blocks are never treated with paints, dyes, or varnishes.

We use a variety of available woods including:  Rosewood, Ebony, Redheart, Red Palm, Select Maple, Cherry, Spanish Cedar, Rainbow Poplar, Red Elm, Sycamore, Hackberry, Walnut, Curly Walnut, Curly Maple, Red Oak Burl, Black Locust, Mulberry, Osage Orange, and Sourwood.

{We do not guarantee that your block set will contain any or all of the woods listed above. These are the woods that we prefer and try to use. However, we do occasionally come across a beautiful and unique piece of wood that we hope you will appreciate just as much as we do. If you’d prefer your set to include or exclude any particular type of wood, please send us a message prior to purchase.}

Each block set includes:
14 Unique Pieces
1 Peg Person
1 Large Organic Cotton carrying bag

Hand wash with hot water and mild soap. Re-polish as needed with coconut oil or beeswax cream.

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