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Emma Rabbit in Clay Linen Dress

Hazel Village

Emma Rabbit's favorite holiday is definitely May Day. She has been collecting Maypole ribbons all year. And every Wednesday afternoon at Village Dancing Practice, she teaches special May Day dances to the other animals. She says she learns them from various sources but also invents new ones.

Product Details

Emma is made from ivory-colored organic cotton fleece. She measures 15" tall. Her ears are lined with pink striped cotton, and her face is hand embroidered with cotton embroidery floss. She is safe for babies because there are no parts they could rip off and eat. Emma is stuffed with washable polyfill, so if she gets dirty you can hand wash her in warm water.

Emma comes wearing a clay linen dress made. It closes with velcro in back. It is removable so the animals can share and trade. 

Emma Rabbit in Clay Linen Dress

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